Taking What You Learn “On the Mat” Into the Ride of your Life


To me, transitions are all about creating flow from one movement to the next. Many of you know that I enjoy and do yoga weekly as often as I can, because it allows me to rejuvenate from within, anddo the best that I can in that moment. There’s no pressure except for the pressure that I put on myself, and when I’m on the mat I limit that tremendously!

In order for my transitions in yoga to be successful, I have to be mindful of the past, present and the future. The past represents what I’ve learned with past experiences. The present represents my success in that moment depends on how well I’m focused and checked in, and the future represents my intention of what I wish to happen. Most of all though, yoga to me is all about fun, being “light” with yourself, and enjoying the journey.

I really enjoy doing arm balancing, and it’s taken me about a year to be able to do some of the arm balances that I share in the video. I could be critical of them, but why? I enjoy doing them, they rejuvenate my body and mind, and heck, they’re fun! I know that many people do them better, and that some aren’t able to do them at all. For me, to be successful in a balance posture, it requires me to move into the flow with a good transition. So before I was able to balance, I had to figure out how to transition into the balance.

Many times, the transition was about the MENTAL component much more than the physical component. True, I had to physically be prepared, but I am not the most flexible person and my hips and shoulders are, dare I say, somewhat restrictedJ So if I MENTALLY prepared for the transition, I tended not to end up falling on my head.

Enjoy the video. I enjoyed making it impromptu with my fabulous yoga instructor. Most of all, I wish you the gift of mentally transitioning into whatever you wish to accomplish. Namaste.