Are you the Tortoise or the Hare?

Consistency, motivation, your thinking…is it all worth the effort?  I invite you to think about a time in your life when you really focused on something that was important to you; you made it a high priority and got the results that you set out to achieve.  No matter what got in your way, you resolved the issue and forged forward.  I’ll bet that in that process, there are a few behaviors that helped you along the way; things like consistency, motivation and a positive belief in your thinking.  So ask yourself, would you rather be the tortoise or the hare….?

What this relationship with horses rewards the most is consistency.  Anke has always referred to herself as the plodder (and ponderer)-- just being consistent.  Anke will be the first to tell you she never moved very fast with horses, but she grew in solid increments each year in regards to what her and her horses would do together and what they achieved.  She never pushed her horse work on the back burner for weeks or months at a time, even when conditions or situations would have made it easy to do so.   People like Anke are the  tortoise-- just keep plodding and pondering along, and always moving forward.
A lot of people in this horse business will do short bursts of effort for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, and then back off for some reason, lose their focus, get distracted, etc... and what momentum they had going all disappears and they are back to square one.  At some point, they do another burst, back off, back to square one-- and I've watched many people repeat this cycle year after year wondering why their goals with their horses aren’t working for them, and why they can't seem to get ahead.  They get frustrated; with themselves, their horses and more.  Many times they become less confident.  Short burst people are the hare-- they go at a frenzied pace for a short time, focus on something for a while but maybe lose sight of the need for a solid foundation in what they’re doing thereby not getting the results they want…and then losing their focus, activities and consistency, and they stop moving forward.
As we all know the story well, we know who finishes and wins the race-- the tortoise.  I think we can all agree there is much greater value and wisdom in choosing to be the tortoise with our horses.  Fast can be fun and exciting, and you can get there and STAY there by starting as the tortoise.
Horses are incredibly forgiving.  They will allow a certain amount of this up and down fast vs. slow behavior--- the results end up being the judge of our consistency in the end.
Here is the difference with the slow vs. fast approach with horses--- when a person works at it and builds it strong and solid for a consistent period of a several months, even a year--- THEN you can take some time away, some time off, and the rewards keep coming-- just like some of the people you may admire when they work with their horses.
This reward didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without consistency.  Your horse understands, appreciates and LOVES it when you are consistent.  It will create boundaries, respect, relationship, leadership, trust and love…all the things we yearn for with our horses.

So find something and someone who will help you be consistent.  I’m not afraid to suggest myself because I’ve been there.  With impulsive tendencies I’ve had to relearn how to be with my horses so I can be the best partner for them.  Be consistent, start as the tortoise, and then finish strong as the hare, having consistency AND a long term solution when you cross that finish line!