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Post Midwest Horse Fair News!

The Midwest Horse Fair 2010 was once again a great venue to talk with and meet equestrians from all walks of life!  Although 3 days of standing on your feet was somewhat tiring, the wonderful help that I had at my booth and the great fair goers made the my tired feet but a fleeting thought!

Special thanks to my booth helpers this year, you guys were fabulous!  Thanks to Tamra, Shirley, Debby and Tim for helping me make this season a wonderful success:)

Shocking Discovery!

Griffin and the Poozer 

Griffin and our "Poozer"

Have you ever seen such a kitty in need?!?  She's one very happy Poozer (name adopted from Dr Suess' "Oh The Places You Go!" as you can see by her "happy weight"!

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