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We're "all put together"!


Ah yes, another milestone for Elvis and I today!  We had a lesson with Ruth Hansen, who showed us some wonderful subtleties and simple things to do that make such big changes!  During our lesson, it was the perfect time to take the reins from being attached to the halter, to attaching them to the bit, and so we did!

Riding Elvis in the saddle...a canter too!


Confidence through practice!


Hi Everyone,   Here's a great little "aha" moment I had today when sharing something similar with a client.  Enjoy this little video about confidence and how to create it by moving in and out of your comfort zone using the "safe horse" technique:)

Get Ready for Your Spring and Summer Riding Goals!!!!!

The first "Sit"!


It's finally happened, yesterday Elvis and I finally got to feel what's it's like to "sit upon an Elvis" for Anke, and "have an Anke sit on you" for Elvis!

Today was the day, a foot in the stirrup!


Elvis snow wallHello all you Elvis fans!


Today was the day, even though the ice was falling off the indoor roof!  Elvis was such a very good boy, that I put my foot in the stirrup and hoisted myself up...what a view!  Elvis just settled himself, balanced, and turned around to see what was on his back:)


Elvis does a figure 8!


Farewell my best buddy Murphy

On the first day of training, my Elvis gave to me...


Hi There,
Okay, so admittedly I haven't been keeping anyoned update on my training with Elvis…but that’s because we’ve been so busy training!

There’s so much to catch up on, so I won’t even try.  I think better yet I’ll just give you a quick recap of how the summer has gone, and then keep you updated as we forge forward.

Meet Elvis!


I'm so excited I could spit! Two weeks ago, I ended my horse hunt for a new equine partner to bring along as my levels horse and additional equine buddy. 

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