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"Just" a Trail Rider

"Just" a Trail Rider

What do you REALLY do?


Anke,What do you really do?

Feeling Trapped?


Are Diet Pills Safe? ~ By Dr Stephen Chaney



2012 Pictures ~ Winter of 2012!

A winter frolic!  Boy that horse can run fast!  Woohoo, can't wait to ride that!!!


2012 Pictures ~ Summer and winter of 2012!

It's about time some pictures were updated!  Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!



A neat shot!  Dust mixed with Guinness legs and a sun beam!

After 2 hours, he finally relaxes!  Sheesh!


Nothing Like a great ride...smiles all around!


When Something is Important in Your Life, you will find a way and Commit to it

When last have you "dug in your own back yard?"

Here is my number one ingredient for your success. Don't dig in someone else's back yard. For things in your life to change you must change.

We are often prone to blaming others for our own problems. This goes back to always having that tendency to take the course of least resistance. Keep looking in your own back yard. It is perhaps one of the most powerful bits of advice I can give anyone.

Seven Keys To High Energy Living ~ By Brian Tracy


Energy is a key luck factor. For you to be at the top of your form, to be action oriented, fast moving, and extremely productive, you have to have high levels of physical and mental energy.

For you to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities around you, and to have the continuous enthusiasm that keeps you and others motivated and moving ahead, you have to organize your life so that you feel terrific about yourself most of the time.

A Fascinating History ~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee


Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee - 1894-1985: Achiever in History

Two things propelled Dr. Shaklee to achieve: His belief in Nature’s ability to heal, and his belief in Thoughtsmanship.

Motivation from Within; Conquer Procrastination

I learned something today...the power of Ridiculously Small No-Fail Goals (RiSNG to accomplish)!  And yes, I know what you might be saying right now “Anke, you’re the one who taught ME the power of RiSNG!!”.  And you’d be right, I may have taught those to you, but I said I learned the power of RiSNG.  Let me explain.

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