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M is for Montana~Part 1

M is for Mentor, O is for Open, N is for Neutral, T is for Tenacity, A is for Appreciation, N is for  New ways of thinking and doing, A is for Access to all you need!

Connected Riding on the Trail with an Opinionated Half-Arab!


Got Allergies?




Have You Used Up All Your Excuses?

If you feel like you’ve used up all your excuses NOT to ride, don’t feel alone, you’re not.  Well seasoned horse women, professionals, pleasure seekers, are ALL in a similar boat, most for different reasons.  But the end result is the same; you’re not doing with your horse what you fully want to be doing.

Translations on Transitions


Will Non-GMO Foods Be Less Nutritious?



What Words do YOU use?


A week or so ago I heard someone on the radio make a comment that is sticking with me and has made me think about it a few times so I'm going to pass it along to you.....the following is what I heard.

Are you the Tortoise or the Hare?

Consistency, motivation, your thinking…is it all worth the effort?  I invite you to think about a time in your life when you really focused on something that was important to you; you made it a high priority and got the results that you set out to achieve.  No matter what got in your way, you resolved the issue and forged forward.  I’ll bet that in that process, there are a few behaviors that helped you along the way; things like consistency, motivation and a positive belief in your thinking.  So ask yourself, would you rather be the tortoise or the hare….?

Forced on the Ground

Over the past few months, I have been forced to stay on the ground with my horse.  While I abhor being forced into anything, the cold temperatures here in the Midwest have resulted in snow and ice, cold and stiff saddles, cold and stiff horses as well as people with little motivation to get out and move with their horses!  My motivation to move has come from my upcoming certification for Connected Riding, and as usual an unexpected benefit has come from being forced to “stay on the ground”!

12 Reasons to consider Connected Work for you and your horse!

12 Reasons to consider Connected work for you and your horse!

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